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New Voltre M2 Powered Adjustable Charger

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Voltre M2 - Lightning EV Charger

Adjustable 32 Amp

  • Level 1 & Level 2 EV Charger with adjustable 8/10/13/16/32amp
  • Auto Safe & Reliable with Thicker MAX Cables
  • Lighter & Full Mobility EV Charger to Go
  • Easy Plug-&-Charge Tech

Includes NEMA 14-50 Plug and NEMA 5-20 adapter with Safe & Reliable with MAX Cable and Power Protection

SUMMER Price: $249

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Solid & Adjustable

Voltre M2 has been working great - I do like that it's solid - cables feel very high quality and very durable - and it's portable. I added a hanging bar/socket to the wall and picked up a 6-50 to 14-50 outlet adapter (so I can plug into either a RV output or a more traditional EV charger outlet when on the road). I get the full 32amps my 2018 Bolt can handle. New charger has been in use for about 120 hours of active charging now with no issues at all.

Eric Duprey

Full 32 AMP charging

I was unsure, about getting a 32 Amp charger, but it works GREAT. It's adjustable, and I reached full charge on my Leaf for almost the first time in the last 3 weeks. By monitoring both the car and the screen of this device, I could verify that it was charging at the advertised rate. It also tracked the battery temp, so as to not overcharge the car's batteries. I'd have to say I recommend this charger.

Alison Taylor

5/5 Stars - Reliable

This charger is great and everything it is supposed to be for me. I don’t need to spend $500-700 to have a cute “station” or one that gives me timers. My BMW has that built in. This charger is Level 2 , 32 amps. My car actually has yet to use all 32 amps, but I am happy I got it. The car now goes from empty to full in 2-3 hours. It use to take 8-10 hours on the level 1. Cheaper, super functional level 2 charger. I love it all!

Stephany Madison

Fantastic Recharger

Bought this to charge my Mustang Mach E. It works fantastic. I installed a 40 amp breaker and when I plug the charger in to my Mach E, it shows it is charging at 32 amps. I like the display and the cord is longer and twice as thick as my old 16 amp Level 2 charger. I have been using the charger for over 4 months and I would definitely recommend this charger to anyone that has an EV.

Kevin Jones

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We are dedicated to providing integrated Smart Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) hardware and software technology with true Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) for easy integration with a non-proprietary network that is safe and reliable.

We aim to revolutionize the way energy is deployed and allocated by delivering a new generation of interconnection of solar, battery storage, electric vehicles, and other Distributed Energy Resources.

Federal and State

EV Charging Tax Credits, Incentives & Rebates

Included are EVSE tax credits and Level 2 EV charging rebates, as well as rebates for electric vehicles. In addition to local incentives, the federal rebate for electric vehicles applies to all fifty states.

In addition to broad-scale electric vehicle incentives, states and utilities also provide incentive programs, rebates, and tax credits specifically for purchasing and installing EV charging equipment across the USA.